mega888 Binjiang Chengkai - Loop Architects

Binjiang Chengkai

Competition : 2017
Function : Retail interior design
GFA : 87,800 sqm
Client : Zhonggeng Group

Located adjacent to the old runway of Shanghai’s first Longhua Airport in an area with a great industrial past with shipyards, factories and marshalling yards, the Binjiang Chengkai project is designed as a contemporary new commercial addition to the fast-developing area. Office towers and smaller adjacent buildings are organized on a strict orthogonal grid with a courtyard type underground retail mall. The competition for the commercial interior design is providing a friendly and softer approach introducing a curvilinear layout and patterning to the shopping areas.

A ‘race-track’ type continuous loop is introduced for a seamless flow of visitors throughout the mall environment providing the desired mix of retailers for a holistic shopping experience. Value is added by providing a unique and memorable spatial experience and choice of materials relating to the sites historical context to captivate the visitors’ imagination. Three differently styled atria aid in wayfinding and provide character to the different retail zones.