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‘Our mission is to inspire and nurture the spatial condition of the city – one interior, one building and one city at a time.’


Established by Architectural Association graduate Sven Steiner, Shanghai based Loop Architects is an architecture, interiors and urban design practice that has distinguished itself internationally with smart, innovative and visionary projects that include complex multi-phase mixed-use buildings, special small-scale urban infill projects and temporary, flexible and mobile design solutions.

Loop Architects is committed to delivering unique and bespoke design solutions; distinctive and functional spaces that yield social and convivial public spaces, engaging experiences and create lasting value for their clients and communities by merging client aspirations, contextual influences and subtle local references.

The practice focuses on innovative ideas and delivering complete solutions by working closely with our clients and collaborators, bringing every party into the loop. Our clients include corporate commercial developers, government entities, institutional bodies as well as the private sector.

On an architectural scale, Loop Architects is working on a number of mixed-use commercial, cultural and residential projects in China, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE.

As a co-founder of and previous partner of Spark Architects, Sven Steiner was instrumental in the completion of buildings including the MIPIM Asia Award winner Rihan Heights in Abu Dhabi; the Cityscape Asia 2007/8 awarded 260,000 sqm Shanghai International Cruise Terminal; Raffles City Beijing (2008 Cityscape Asia); Clarke Quay in Singapore (Cityscape 2007/8) and the award-winning mixed-use development of the 80,000sqm Calypso in Rotterdam in collaboration with Will Alsop.

Recently completed projects include the 240,000 sqm Yango Tangzhen mixed-use commercial development in Shanghai; the Vanke HQ in Xiamen; the 355,000 sqm Hongqiao Hui CBD faade design as well as the 180,000 sqm residential Vanke Fuzhou Plaza development.

Other key unbuilt projects include the Wenzhou University Library and Design Departments, the Shanghai Binjiang Chengkai mall interior design and the widely published Shanghai Kiss.

Loop Architects has further designed relevant urban planning projects, among them are the 900,000 sqm Forte Qianjiang in Hangzhou, the 358,000 sqm Nanjing Hi-Park and the 1.4mil sqm Arzanah masterplan in the UAE as well as the 6mil sqm Qingdao Rail Innovation Hub in collaboration with MLA+ & MUDI in 2018.

Loop Architect’s portfolio demonstrates a quest for invention, creativity and quality that defines their work.



We take unique, complex and often conflicting project parameters and synthesize, integrate and distil them into innovative, specific, budget conscious and buildable solutions that are full of discoveries and delight.

We are consistently seeking cutting-edge materials, new techniques and technologies for our projects as well as innovative approaches to issues concerning the environment and sustainability.


Imagination, invention and design integrity are critical to what we design and produce. A thorough understanding of our clients’ goals informs our work; iterative design feedback loops define the project and shape it into something functional, feasible and beautiful.


The inspiration for our work comes from gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s aspirations and needs and is informed by the projects’ cultural, historical, technological and social context with both a local and global perspective.


Loop’s flexibility and user-centric attitude creates designs that respond to contemporary commercial and social realities with a high degree of adaptability, fit for the complex urban environment of today.


We develop new models for urban spaces, public buildings and complex mixed-use projects delivering designs that positively transform our cities. We are firmly committed to the belief that architecture can successfully achieve specific client and project goals while creating meaningful experiences to a large and diverse audience.


Loop Architects was founded on the notion of collaboration and prides itself on working in partnership with our clients on one hand and with a strong multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals and specialised experts on the other. We believe that a broad perspective through collaboration drives creative solutions and enables the achievement of extraordinary and innovative results. Close collaboration with our partners ensures that a stream of innovation and quality creates value in all our projects across different geographies and scales.


Loop Architects’ employs best practices and approaches environmental quality and sustainability as an integral part of the design process. In collaboration with our clients and expert consultants we carefully evaluate the unique attributes of each project to make informed choices to optimize the design by integrating the most suitable sustainable design strategies.

Further interests lie in social responsibility and environmental outcomes that strengthen and benefit the communities in which we live and work.


We value flat team hierarchies and collaborative working engendering a strong sense of ownership and responsibility amongst our team and fostering a vibrant, imaginative and creative office environment that attracts the most qualified and dedicated staff.

Our team is diverse and inclusive. Our staff and partners bring creativity, knowledge and innovation to every project. A culture of mentorship ensures that our high standards of service are carried throughout our entire studio.


Loop Architects believe that a successful completed project is one that implements, enables and enhances the business model of our clients. We couple our client’s vision with our design expertise to create imaginative projects that reflect their brand identities and aspirations.

Sven Steiner

BA Arch (Hons) AA Dipl SBA


Founder & Director

Sven is the Founder of Loop Architects. He has over 15 years’ experience working as an architect in Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East. He currently leads a number of large-scale mixed-use developments and competitions.

Prior to Loop, he was a founding partner of Spark Architects and further has work experience including Asymptote, New York and Brookes Stacey Randall, London and Alsop, London, Rotterdam, Shanghai and Singapore. His notable projects include the – RIBA Worldwide Award winning OCAD, Toronto – the Calypso in Rotterdam, the rejuvenation of Clarke Quay, Singapore, the MIPIM Award winning Shanghai International Cruise Terminal and Raffles City mixed-use project in Beijing.

During his time in Singapore he was responsible for the delivery of the 180,000 sqm Rihan Heights development, part of the masterplan for the 1.4 million sqm entertainment and residential complex at Arzanah, Abu Dhabi.

In addition to his architectural role, Sven has taught at the TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture in Holland as well as Chinese Universities.

He is a graduate of the Architectural Association, London and the Oxford Brookes School of Architecture, UK.

Sven Steiner



创始人 / 设计总监


在此之前他是大型国际设计公司Spark的联合创始人。Sven 的行业经验极其丰富,在自主创业之前曾就职于多家世界知名设计事务所:纽约渐进线建筑事务所、BSR伦敦事务所以及随后在奥尔索普伦敦、鹿特丹、上海及新加坡等地的办公室。他的代表作品众多且多为地标性项目,其中包括:英国皇家建筑师协会国际奖获奖项目:多伦多安大略艺术与设计学院、鹿特丹Calypso开发项目、新加坡克拉克码头复兴项目,上海港国际客运中心,北京来福士综合体等。

2007年他曾以新加坡办公室设计总监的身份负责完成了180, 000平方米日瀚顶点项目开发设计,该项目为阿布扎比Arzanah140万平方米综合娱乐及住宅项目总体规划的一部分。