mega888 Qianjiang Masterplan - Loop Architects

Qianjiang Masterplan

Competition 1.Place
Function : Residential, hotel, office, retail, healthcare, waterfront cultural
GFA : 896,500 sqm
Client : Fosun International Ltd.

The client brief asked to develop a new layered city centre based on the creation of a new watertown.
The centre of the project is defined by an 800m diameter pedestrian ‘Cultural Loop’ bridge connecting the different master plan districts as well as providing a continuous walking path between cultural, commercial and parkland sites.

This ‘LOOP’ Leitmoif was inspired by the adjacent leisure hotspot watertowns and the radial layout of Ebenezer Howard’s ‘Garden City’ and its components. The creation of a new self-contained community sets a new precedent for the building of large scale masterplans in the Hangzhou region.