mega888 Caohejing Beiling - Loop Architects

Caohejing Beiling

Competition : 2015
Function : Regeneration, museum, office, restaurant
GFA : 53,132 sqm
Client : Shanghai Beiling Group

The ‘Creative Hill’ is a regeneration of an existing factory building to house a highly flexible set of office spaces, adaptable to individual company’s needs and space requirements. The Units are designed predominantly utilizing the existing factory grid, which makes for a high quality unusual office environment full of spatial surprises. Further, the existing factory building with its brick cladding served as inspiration to partially use brick in a modern way to retain the old industrial heritage atmosphere.
The project aims at distancing itself from office monocultures. The modern information society lives from mixing learning, working and private life.
The building will also house a small museum dedicated to Deng Xiao Ping who proclaimed ‘It doesn’t matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice’ at this location.