Chongli Chalets

Concept & Schematic Design 2019
Function : Hotel, youth hostel, residential and retail
GFA : 23,000 sqm
Client : Forlong Holdings

The Chongli Chalets are a modern mountain sports resort for affluent adventure seekers, offering a multitude of activities from relaxing in a spa, to world-class shopping, to the excitement of skiing. The site is directly connected to the ski slopes of the Forlong Four Seasons Town.
The buildings for the cozy hospitality hub are situated around a landscaped village square of human scale and made with local natural materials of timber and stone. The program encompasses investment opportunities of luxury apartments with a view of the big outdoors, as well as modern hostels for a younger enthusiastic sports crowd.
Chongli hosts several of the winter sports events during the 2022 Winter Olympics.
Project work in collaboration with Qishe Architects.