mega888 Chongming Chenjia Town - Loop Architects

Chongming Chenjia Town

Completion : 2015
Function : Residential, hotel, office, retail, retirement homes, healthcare, waterfront cultural
GFA : 915,258 sqm
Client : Shanghai Chenjia Town Development Co.,Ltd

Chongming Island lies in the estuary of the Yangtze River about one hour drive north of Shanghai CBD. The relative serenity and accessibility of its natural beauty and protected nature reserves lend to an opportunity for a new township development catering to families and the elderly.

The ‘Chongming Chenjia Town’ Masterplan is proposing a new residential community with a majority of elderly care and family units broken up into smaller neighbourhoods defined by waterways making them accessible not only by public transport and cars but by water-taxis as well. Each parcel is defined by a specific program such as a hospital / rehabilitation clinic, retail or boutique hotels providing them with a unique character.

Waterfront restaurants, hotels and small museums and galleries invite the resident population as well as visitors and tourists to enjoy a wonderful and rich experience of living by the water and a sense of returning to nature.