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Kunshan PowerCompany

Completion : 2013
Function : Mixed-use, office, residential, retail & landscaping
GFA : 191,915 sqm
Client : Kunshan Lejian Residential Development Ltd.

Located just outside Kunshan’s old city wall and formerly the location of a local power supply factory the Power Company urban design project is destined to provide a new inner-city destination to live, work and play. The concept venture point is the description of cities as a sequence of spaces; as voids in the build fabric created by the built mass. Spaces that celebrate the ‘derive’ – the meandering through the city as a path of discovery and the creation of new trajectories providing elements of surprise whilst capitalizing on Kunshan’s old waterways and its historical industrial heritage. The new quarter will offer inner-city residences, retail, entertainment and offices whilst providing a new destination for tourists exploring Kunshan’s Heritage Trail along the river.