mega888 Shilong Road - Loop Architects

Shilong Road

Completed : 2018

Function : Office facade design

GFA : 61,500 sqm

Client : STEC – in collaboration with AS+P

Located in Shanghai’s bustling Caohejing district two sites split by a subway train line provide a high-end incubator vertical office park catering to predominantly pharmaceutical companies. Two high-rise buildings and a number of smaller office buildings and a community sports centre are clad in terracotta tiles. Stratified layers, conceptually akin to the progress of scientific research and the unearthing of knowledge are at the core of the façade concept. Horizontal strips of staggered tiles in shades of grey on the tall buildings reduce the perceived height of the elongated buildings. Rotated strips of tiles on the smaller office blocks adjacent to the train line provide the passing train passengers with the illusion of a moving façade.